All Participants using the calls W5I, W5K and W5E, PLEASE SEND LOGS TO
Lee - N5SLY



EISENHOWER SPECIAL EVENT - October 12, 2019 0000z - October 20, 2019 2359z


The Grayson County Amateur Radio Club is presently running the final operating event of the year. It is known as the Eisenhower Special Event using 3 calls - W5I, W5K and W5E. Combine the suffix of each call and it spells I-K-E, short for Dwight. Dwight David "IKE" Eisenhower was born in Denison, Texas. 

You still have some time to work one of the special event stations, either on CW or Phone. A frequency list is listed below, but please note that you may find a station either + or - the projected frequency as listed. 

The format for any contact is simple. Just make a contact with one of these stations as you normally would not running a contest. Contact all 3 and you'll spell IKE...if you catch them all and send us your QSL card you'll get something extra in return.


We'll be using these frequencies + or -.

               CW                                          Phone                                            Digital

17 meters - 18.075 MHZ                  18.150 MHZ                      Traditional frequencies for
20 meters - 14.045 MHZ                  14.250 MHZ                         PSK, JT65, JT9 & FT8
30 meters - 10.105 MHZ                          -                                                                      
40 meters -  7.045 MHZ                    7.200 MHZ                                                                
80 meters -  3.550 MHZ                    3.850 MHZ


Send your cards, with your SASE,  to:
Grayson County ARC
PO Box 642
Sherman, TX 75091
Links to some extra stuff on YouTube about President Eisenhower, his birthplace and this event and the GCARC are also listed below...




The KW5CW Basic CW Classes are put on hold until a class location can be established. If you haven't signed up, contact James - KW5CW and he will give you more information. As soon as a room is secured for classes at Grayson County College, classes will be scheduled to begin.



Older Notices



Click on the link below to share your thoughts considering your membership to the Grayson County Amateur Radio Club in a brief 2 question survey. Survey results will be shared at the next club meeting. The reasoning for these questions are evident, but just to help clarify, these two questions pertain to members of the club, and prospective members that may want to join in the future. You do not have to be a member of the club to participate.   





GCARC DMR Talk Group UPDATE updated 9/17/2019


The GCARC now presently has its own DMR Talk Group (TG) on the Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF) DMR Network. It has been operational now for several months, however there is very little activity on the talkgroup. As the saying goes 'use it, or loose it'. Let's see if we can keep it active. Maybe a scheduled club net can be held weekly or monthly on the GCARC DMR Talkgroup. Let's discuss this again at the upcoming meeting tonight.

The information on the new DMR talk group can be found by clicking on the link immediately below...


73 - Glen KG5REK


  SILENT KEY Estate Sale

2 each - Icom IC-R71A HF receivers - $325 each

Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver - $400

Collins WE - 30L1 HF Linear Amp - $325

Drake MN-2000 Antenna Tuner (1KW average/2KW PEP) - $200

Thanks, Moe

NT7C  903-651-3455


Ladies Net Reactivated


Linda Arnold- KE5YUC reactivated the Ladies Net on 147.00 at 8PM Central time and the first net was Thursday night Feb 21st. Several YL's participated. The notice regarding this net will appear in the newsletter. The YL  schedule for the net is the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 8PM. All YL's are encouraged to participate. If you cannot reach the 147.00 repeater, you can access the net via ECHOLINK node WC5GC/R.


UPDATE.. Ham Radio Operators Dream - LATEST OFFER!!!!

PRICE UPDATE. Is anyone interested in a home that would qualify for any ham radio operators dream selling well below the appraised value of 590K. It is now offered at $499,900. Well there is one available located in Grayson County for sale by Mike - W8CM. Check out this link below and if interested, please contact one of our club members, Lynda Tuma - KF5JUO who is the realtor that has the home up for sale.


Update: The Price was lowered on Mike's dream home offer as stated in Notice 4. If anyone is interested in viewing the home, they can either contact Mike directly, or contact his realtor, Linda Tuma - KF5JUO to setup an appointment. 


GRAYSONCOUNTYARC.ORG Now Running on a New Host

This website has been moved to a new host. As of  February 1, 2019, the GCARC website was officially moved from Site5 Hosting to InMotion Hosting. The website continues to be secure, and on-line banking transactions are safe.

Membership Dues New &Updated

Annual club membership is now good for 365 days from signup. You will receive a notice just prior to club membership expiration. Paypal and Stripe are now the two options to pay dues.

NEW   Personal Club Email Addresses - as of 9/17/2019

Personal Club emails addresses are now re-activated. Everyone received a forwarding email address a few weeks ago. New members will receive one when joining the GCARC  and will be active for the duration of your club membership.   Again, if you no longer wish to use an email address that was previously issued to you or if you just do not want one, it can be deleted at your request.  


  •   Updated Texoma VE Group Testing Schedule Updated

    Tests for all license classes will be held

    The first Thursday of EVEN numbered months

  • NEXT SCHEDULED DATE: October 3, 2019 AT 7 pm


Grayson County College

  • Center for Workplace Learning
    6101 Grayson Drive
    Seminar Room C
    Denison, TX 75020-8307

    For additional information or questions
    Please Contact:

    Ron Witherington – WX5A
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Club Net Script

  • The GCARC Club net script is found at two places on this website. First, under the top menu item - GCARC, then ABOUT GCARC and Officers, and also under the top menu item - OTHER CLUB EVENTS, then GCARC Radio Net (Script). The net script will be updated by the next GCARC net on February 3rd.

Anyone wishing to be a net control operator during one of our nets,

please contact Andrew Bentley -  KG5SKM or Roy Reed - AF5VA






TUESDAY - September 17, 2019 at 7:00 PM

Mariachi's Mexican Restaurant

1909 Texoma Parkway

Sherman, Texas 75090



6 Meter SSB Net Announcement
Hello Grayson County Radio Club,
Just wanted to let you know that the 
Hoot Owl net on 6m is still going.
Check-in time is every Saturday at midnight
50.125 SSB Net control is AL- W5LRG (Plano,Texas)
Fire up on 6 meters and join us
73 de Tim N5DWV


  •  ONGOING -The ONLINE PHOTO GALLERY is in the process of being built and organized. These pictures represent a snapshot history of our club consisting of pictures cataloged and taken over the years. They will be permanently added to the website for all to view. You are encouraged to send pictures to be added to the website gallery to webmasterThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view A JPEG picture will do.
  • A new feature to write and submit articles for posting will be made possible by another application added to this website soon called 'EASY ARTICLES'. You can write articles using this application, or you may just want to submit your already created article in a directory that only you have access to, for submitting your articles.




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