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We were honored to have a few special guests at our meeting on Tuesday. They were Katherine Forson  - KT5KMF who is the Section Youth Coordinator for the ARRL North Texas Section and her father - Rob Forson - K5WFR. Katherine gave us a surprise presentation. For those who did not attend the meeting, and also for those that did, Katherine will provide us with an article in the upcoming newsletter. It is scheduled to come out on Tuesday, June 25th, that will also include a summary of GCARC Field Day operations that concludes on June 23rd.

We even had one more guest -  Lisa Johnson - KI5ASM.

Our formal meeting was fairly short, but we also had a great presentation given by one of our favorite members, Lee Sly - N5SLY, who gave a presentation about digital operations. He explained in a fair amount of detail the operating comparisons and differences between FT8 and FT4. 


Just as a reminder, the Grayson Club will participate in the ARRL Field Day this year. It all happens THIS WEEKEND. The location of Field day this year is in a new spot. The address is immediately below...

Doug and Sharon Hotalen Hobby House

1655 Hackleman Rd., 

Whitesboro, TX 76273

More details of the location can be found on this website under the dropdown at the top of the home page named 'GCARC', then select 'GCARC Field Day Location Information'. 

While you are driving on the way, look for the signs. Everyone is invited to attend. You do not have to be a member of the Grayson County Amateur Radio Club to participate in the fun. The radio operations begins at 1:00PM on Saturday and will end at 1:00PM on Sunday. 

There will be lots of food, including, hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, soft drinks on Saturday at around 5PM, and a breakfast on Sunday morning which will commence around 9:00AM. 

Be there or be square. Come and join us in the #1 operating event of the year in Amateur Radio. There will be Phone, Digital and even a CW station available to make some contacts. Everyone can get in on the fun. There is no sign up sheet to operate. When you arrive, all you have to do is ask if you want to make a few contacts at one of the stations of your choice, and you will be provided with a place to operate field day. 

The ARRL Field Day Rules can be found HERE. The Club call that will be used is K5GCC.





Click on the link below to share your thoughts considering your membership to the Grayson County Amateur Radio Club in a brief 2 question survey. Survey results will be shared at the next club meeting. The reasoning for these questions are evident, but just to help clarify, these two questions pertain to members of the club, and prospective members that may want to join in the future. You do not have to be a member of the club to participate.   


1st TGIF Contact on DMR talkgroup 903

New Notice

  Just about an hour ago, I concluded my first DMR contact on GCARC talkgroup 903. But first, I reached the station originally on talkgroup 31665. The call is EA8KDO, Mitch from Caleta de Velez, Malaga, Spain. Assisted with the programming of my Anytone for the TGIF network was Glen - KG5REK. At first, I had issues after the initial programming. The handheld would no longer communicate with the hotspot after the initial programming on TGIF. It turned out to be the controller mode within the Anytone. When I temporarily made a change from Duplex repeater mode otherwise known as Half-duplex on Hotspots) the 5 MHZ split frequency had changed, so the hotspot would no longer communicate with my handheld. After changing it back, I finally was able to make my first TG 903 contact with EA8KDO. Interestingly enough, he originally moved from Plano Texas to Spain about 15 years ago. Now he is retired and is one of the administrators of the TGIF (Thank God it's Friday) DMR network. I'm hoping that others in our club will also make use of TG903 and checkout DMR.

James - KW5CW


Notice 1 MD-380 UHF Analog/DMR hand held $45.00

              contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Notice 2

Greetings fellow GCARC Members and Club Friends:

I am happy to announce that the GCARC now has its own Talk Group (TG) on the Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF) DMR Network.

The information on the new DMR talk group can be found by clicking on the link immediately below...


73 - Glen KG5REK


Notice 3  SILENT KEY Estate Sale

2 each - Icom IC-R71A HF receivers - $325 each

Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver - $400

Collins WE - 30L1 HF Linear Amp - $325

Drake MN-2000 Antenna Tuner (1KW average/2KW PEP) - $200

Thanks, Moe

NT7C  903-651-3455


Notice 4 CQ YL's, Linda Arnold- KE5YUC reactivated the Ladies Net on 147.00 at 8PM Central time and the first net was Thursday night Feb 21st. Several YL's participated. The notice regarding this net will appear in the newsletter. The YL  schedule for the net is the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 8PM. All YL's are encouraged to participate. If you cannot reach the 147.00 repeater, you can access the net via ECHOLINK node WC5GC/R.

Notice 5 PRICE UPDATE. Is anyone interested in a home that would qualify for any ham radio operators dream selling well below the appraised value of 590K. It is now offered at $554,900. Well there is one available located in Grayson County for sale by Mike - W8CM. Check out this link below and if interested, please contact one of our club members, Lynda Tuma - KF5JUO who is the realtor that has the home up for sale.


Update: The attending membership at the March meeting was advised on Mike's dream home offer as stated in Notice 4. If anyone is interested in viewing the home, they can either contact Mike directly, or contact his realtor, Linda Tuma - KF5JUO to setup an appointment. 


Notice 6 Jim - K5QOI made a motion at the February GCARC monthly meeting to have his motion at the January meeting tabled for the time being, regarding his desire to have the meeting back to Fridays. Jim requests that other input needs to be received before a vote may be taken in the future. Ways could be to have a running poll taken on this subject on this website and acquire information on facebook. The motion was seconded and a vote was taken be members present. The outcome was 11 for and 1 against, so the motion was tabled until further studies can be taken. James will install a running poll on the website.

Update 3/24/2019 A motion was made by Jim - K5QOI to squash his own original motion resented at the January meeting to move the meeting back to Friday. The club voted to unanimously pass Jim's latest request at the March meeting. The monthly meeting will continue to be held on the third Tuesday of each month at the Grayson County Courthouse at 7 PM until further notice. 

Notice 7 Roy - AF5VA mentioned at the February GCARC monthly meeting that it may still be a go to stage the GCARC 2019 Field Day at the Waterloo Lake Regional Park located in Denison Texas. Roy continues to work out possible arrangements to have the event staged at a public place. Roy also stated that the Winter Field Day location was such a success that there may be a possibility that the club may impose  on Doug one more time this year to use the Winter Field Day location if solid arrangements cannot be acquired within the next few months. The good news is that the summer field day event will NOT take place at the Sherman Municipal Airport this year.

UPDATE 3/24/19 Waterloo Lake Regional Park has been ruled out of contention for the 2019 GCARC Field day location. The hourly cost to use the location is not within club financial means.  A decision for another new location will be made at the next meeting. If a new location cannot be found, the club will ask Doug - KG5QPI if it would be OK to again use the Hotalen Hobby House for Summer Field Day. This location was proven to be a great location for our club operating events, as the GCARC held their first Winter Field Day at that location this year. Stay tuned for the decision..






Notice 1

PAYPAL is again an option besides Stripe and Direct Deposit to send membership dues to the GCARC.

 Notice 2

GRAYSONCOUNTYARC.ORG Now Running on a New Host

This website has been moved to a new host. As of yesterday, Feb 1, 2019, it was officially moved from Site5 Hosting to InMotion Hosting. The website continues to be secure, and on-line banking transactions are safe. Within the next 24 hours, Paypal will again be available to use, so users will again be able to use two different on-line methods to pay for GCARC membership. Also, as of February 1, all previous 2018 memberships should have been renewed, and any renewal payments received after January 31, 2019 going forward are considered late. Current members will receive their pass-through email addresses and others who renew as of February 1st will have their email addresses re-activated as they renew their memberships. These club email addresses contain K5GCC.org extensions and only will be used as forwarding mailboxes to an email address of their choosing. Also keep in mind that this is an option that can be accepted or refused by any member. This option will be made available to you at the time of your membership. At the time of email address activation, each member as a reminder will receive a note informing them what the address is, and that it is now active. Again, if you no longer wish to use an email address that was previously issued to you or if you just do not want one, it can be not issued or deleted at your request. 


Notice 3

 GCARC Winter Field Day


A Special Thanks go out to Doug Hotalen as the club participated in a very successful Winter Field Day at Doug's hobby house in Whitesboro Texas. 

 Doug Hotalen (KG5QPI) had graciously donated his 2nd home in Whitesboro, setup on 1 acre of land for the GCARC to use at no charge for this event for Winter Field Day. There were five stations setup with multiple antennas for operation, so the club ran class 5H. The event itself was a first for the club, as this was the first year that the club actually sponsored the winter event. Everyone who attended seemed to have fun and most likely the club will participate in the event again in 2020. 

The next club event will be at the Perrin Air base - Air Force Museum  on May 11, 2019. The club will use the call - W5I during this event. 





Notice 4

January 19, 2019

ARES Net, Repeater change, and Texas Senate Bill 43


Hello everyone!
Repeater change
Our ARES net has returned to our Primary ARES repeater -- W5RVT, 147.00(+) MHz, 100.0 PL. The WC5GC-R EchoLink node is also back on this frequency. Please note the only ID currently on the repeater is the CW identification. The "nice lady of the repeater" has not yet returned to the air. The GCARC Club net will stay on 444.750 for a while longer.
Texas Senate Bill 43
To those of you who called, emailed, and texted -- thank you for making me aware of this issue over the past 24 hours! To catch everyone up -- Texas State Senator Zaffirini's Senate Bill 43 is about the use of a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle. State Senator Zaffirini has proposed removing the "operator who is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission" language.
I have reached out to the ARRL leadership for clarification and guidance on this issue. Frankly, after reading, re-reading, and studying the language of the bill, I am uncertain if this is simply cleaning up language that should not be in that section of the bill (since the rest of the section discusses commercial motor vehicles) OR if it truly is (as some have suggested) an assault upon the amateur radio community. I will let you know what I find out.
Wade Graves, KF5AUD
Grayson County ARES EC


Notice 5 Update 3/24/2019The 2019 GCARC officers held their first meeting to go over the proposed agenda for the new year on January 7th. An agenda for monthly meetings will be now be published here by the Saturday prior to each monthly meeting. The next scheduled meeting is April 16, 2019. Be on the lookout for the monthly agenda each month submitted by our president.


Notice 6Update 3/24/2019 The next edition of the club newsletter will be published on Saturday, April 20th, by 5 PM. Anyone wishing to contribute an article to the newsletter should do so at their convenience, but the deadline for submission this month is noon on Saturday, April 20th. 


 Notice 7 The issues centered around member email addresses have been solved. They will be reactivated to be used for forwarding purposes only, to an email address of choice. They will become available to members once 2019 dues are paid and activated by January 31st. A reconfirmation of your chosen email address will be sent to the member after dues are paid. 

Update 3/24/2019 Not all club members have received a club email address to date. Hopefully by the end of this month, all members will have an email address that they can use to forward emails to their main email address. 


Notice 8  Presently, the 'Stripe option' is the only credit card payment system available at this time to pay membership dues. PayPal will be re-activated for payment by January 31st.

If paying using the off-line option, your check for payment needs to be immediately sent to the GCARC P.O. box so that it can be applied to the account. 

Update 3/24/2019 Paypal is now an option, along with Stripe to make credit card payments. 


Notice 9

Next Grayson County Amateur Radio Club Meeting

Tuesday - April 16th - Grayson County Courthouse - 7:00 PM


Notice 10

   Club Officers for 2019 are as follows:

President - Andrew Bentley - KF5SKM

Vice President - Roy Reed - AF5VA

Secretary - Doug Hotalen - KG5QPI

Treasurer - James Frank - KW5CW


 If you don't receive the newsletter but would like to, please contact James at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you changed your email address and still want the newsletter, please contact James via email with an update. Likewise, if you were already issued a GCARC email address it will be reactivated, and when it happens, the member will receive an email that was active previously. New members will receive an email to receive an offer to receive a new club email address. 

Anyone can receive the newsletter for free and you do not have to be a member of the club to receive it.  But you do need to be a paid member of the GCARC to receive a GCARC  email address.


Notice 11


The local repeater list has been updated to include the DMR repeater located at 440.200+. Listing also now includes Metro, Texas Statewide and Brandmeister Facebook.


Notice 12

  •   Texoma VE Group Testing Schedule 

    Tests for all license classes will be held

    The first Thursday of EVEN numbered months



Grayson County College

  • Center for Workplace Learning
    6101 Grayson Drive
    Seminar Room C
    Denison, TX 75020-8307

    For additional information or questions
    Please Contact:

    Ron Witherington – K5NKD
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



    Notice 13  The GCARC Club net script is found at two places on this website. First, under the top menu item - GCARC, then ABOUT GCARC and Officers, and also under the top menu item - OTHER CLUB EVENTS, then GCARC Radio Net (Script). The net script will be updated by the next GCARC net on February 3rd.

Anyone wishing to be a net control operator during one of our nets,

please contact Andrew Bentley -  KF5SKM or Roy Reed - AF5VA


Notice 14


Grayson County ARC Constitution Changes

The latest edition of the Grayson County Amateur Radio Club Constitution is now available on this website. The Bylaws of the GCARC Constitution have been modified to reflect the new procedure for changing the Regular club meeting day. It can be viewed under the 'GCARC' dropdown menu, then go to 'About' the Constitution and By-Laws and can easily be printed on your local printer if needed. 


Notice 15


TUESDAY - April 16, 2019 at 7:00 PM


Future Newsletter Publication Dates


 Sunday April 20, 2019


May 25, 2019

June 22, 2019


Notice 16

6 Meter SSB Net Announcement
Hello Grayson County Radio Club,
Just wanted to let you know that the 
Hoot Owl net on 6m is still going.
Check-in time is every Saturday at midnight
50.125 SSB Net control is AL- W5LRG (Plano,Texas)
Fire up on 6 meters and join us
73 de Tim N5DWV
Notice 17
  • David Reeder - WA0URJ from Sherman who works at Ham Radio Outlet in Plano, Texas has graciously offered to deliver equipment to amateurs in the Sherman area for free when you purchase merchandise from his store. That can save you approximately 100 mile round trip to pick up the equipment but allows you to receive your new equipment the same day you purchased it by credit card on the phone. If you decide to purchase equipment from Ham Radio Outlet, give Dave a call and let's give him a few decent sales. He will inform you of his work schedule to either visit him or call him at the store. You may call him directly at the numbers below. 

He can be reached directly at these following numbers..

Home: (903)583-1023

 Cell   : (972)658-6773 


 Notice 18

  •  ONGOING -The ONLINE PHOTO GALLERY is in the process of being built and organized. These pictures represent a snapshot history of our club consisting of pictures cataloged and taken over the years. They will be permanently added to the website for all to view. You are encouraged to send pictures to be added to the website gallery to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A JPEG picture will do.
  • A new feature to write and submit articles for posting will be made possible by another application added to this website soon called 'EASY ARTICLES'. You can write articles using this application, or you may just want to submit your already created article in a directory that only you have access to, for submitting your articles.


  • NEW UPDATE: A new web link that directs you to the QRZ.com is located in the left homepage column under 'Weblinks'.


Notice 19

STILL Upcoming to Website


  • COMING SOON:  The ability to write articles of interest directly on the website with moderation.. for GCARC Members Only. The application to be used is called 'Easy Articles'.  If you want your own column or plan to publish a daily, weekly, or monthly column, you will have the tools to do so. What interests do you have that are amateur radio related that you would like to share with the club and for the world for that matter. Your writing will be for all to read unless this is something that members only need to see.
  • ONGOING -The ONLINE PHOTO GALLERY is in the process of being built and organized. These pictures represent a snapshot history of our club consisting of pictures cataloged and taken over the years. They will be permanently added to the website for all to view. You are encouraged to send pictures to be added to the website gallery to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A JPEG picture will do.



Notice 20


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