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I have two transceivers and one receiver that I will be offering for sale.
The first is a complete station (minus antenna) and is a Kenwood TS-570SG,
the second?? is a very nice Collins KWM-2A with the 312B5 VFO/Speaker/SWR Bridge.
Both are Winged Emblem units. And the third is a Drake 2B Receiver with the Q-Multiplier/Speaker.

The Collins and the Drake are located at my home in east Texas, and I can bring them back
on my next trip in 10 days.

First, I have a very nice Kenwood TS-570-SG 160-6 Meter Transceiver
Station. It is the "SG" model which includes 6 Meters, Autotuner,
and Keyer. The radio has a 500Hz CW filter installed.
Also included is the original hand mike, MC-60 Desk Mike,
SP-23 External Speaker, and power cord. I will also include
a brand new 12V 30Amp modular power supply still in the box.

This radio is among the last of the easy menu radios.
The radio has recently returned from inspection by Cal Fisher at
Ham Radio Repair for full functionality, and 100 Watts power out.
I purchased this radio several years ago from the original owner
as a standby rig to my Flex Radio, but has seen little service.
I have the original manual, but it is soiled from beverage spillage,
but can provide a copy of the manual on CD. No original shipping cartons

Since I live locally in an HOA without an antenna, I have no way to demo
the radio, but guarantee it to be as described. Price $675.00

If you would like to see photos of the TS-570 radio, send me an email, and I???ll respond with a set of photos.

I am selling these items to put funds toward a Flex 6400.

Brian, WA5M, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Call or text (972) 672-2405


M2 12 Element 2 meter beam  - Model 2M12

Rated at 14.9 dBi gain and 19.5 feet long. New and unassembled -  sells for $327

My Price to include low loss coax rotor loop.. ALL FOR $100 

Contact Mike - W8CM  



MD-380 UHF Analog/DMR Hand held $45.00

    Contact David - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3)  SK estate items for sale:

2 each - Icom IC-R71A HF receivers - $325 each

Icom IC-718 HF Transceiver - $400

Collins WE - 30L1 HF Linear Amp - $325

Drake MN-2000 Antenna Tuner (1KW average/2KW PEP) - $200

Thanks, Moe

NT7C  903-651-3455


3) For Sale: A Ham Radio Buyers Dream

    Checkout this listing out if you ever dreamed to live in a ready-to-go home setup for an amateur radio operator. 



4) For Sale:  Ameritron AL-80B amplifier with new Taylor tube and spare tubeAlso Palstar AT2K tuner.  Asking $1,300 for package deal.
Contact:  Barry - W5BGD at: barrydavidson0269@yahoo.com


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Grayson County Amateur Radio Club 'FIELD DAY'
Sherman, Texas
June 27 and June 28 - 2020
Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC Saturday and running through 2059 UTC Sunday.
The Grayson County Amateur Radio Club will hold the yearly operating event called "FIELD DAY"
More info about  the ARRL Field Day National Event can be found right HERE
  ARRL Field Day is the single most popular on-the-air event held annually in the US and Canada. On the fourth weekend of June of each year, more than 35,000 radio amateurs gather with their clubs, groups or simply with friends to operate from remote locations.
  Field Day is a picnic, a campout, practice for emergencies, an informal contest and, most of all, FUN! It is a time where many aspects of Amateur Radio come together to highlight our many roles. While some will treat it as a contest, other groups use the opportunity to practice their emergency response capabilities. It is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate Amateur Radio to the organizations that Amateur Radio might serve in an emergency, as well as the general public.
For many clubs, ARRL Field Day is one of the highlights of their annual calendar. The contest part is simply to contact as many other stations as possible and to learn to operate our radio gear in abnormal situations and less than optimal conditions. We use these same skills when we help with events such as marathons and bike-a-thons; fund-raisers such as walkathons; celebrations such as parades; and exhibits at fairs, malls and museums — these are all large, preplanned, non-emergency activities. But despite the development of very complex, modern communications systems — or maybe because they ARE so complex — ham radio has been called into action again and again to provide communications in crises when it really matters.
Amateur Radio people (also called “hams”) are well known for our communications support in real disaster and post-disaster situations.
What is the ARRL? The American Radio Relay League is the national association for Amateur Radio in the USA, representing over 170,000 FCC-licensed Amateurs. The ARRL is the primary source of information about what is going on in ham radio. It provides books, news, support and information for individuals and clubs, special events, continuing education classes and other benefits for its members.
What is Amateur Radio Often called “ham radio,” the Amateur Radio Service has been around for a century. In that time, it’s grown into a worldwide community of licensed operators using the airwaves with every conceivable means of communications technology. Its people range in age from youngsters to grandparents. Even rocket scientists and a rock star or two are in the ham ranks. Most, however, are just normal folks like you and me who enjoy learning and being able to transmit voice, data and pictures through the air to unusual places, both near and far, without depending on commercial systems. The Amateur Radio frequencies are the last remaining place in the usable radio spectrum where you as an individual can develop and experiment with wireless communications. Hams not only can make and modify their equipment, but can create whole new ways to do things. For More Information visit: www.arrl.org





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President's QSO   



   Hi all. We had another very productive meeting this month. Regarding old business, discussed were the radio classes at Grayson County College by Lee - N5SLY. Also discussed were the plans that James- KW5CW has in the works for our new website. It will be located at the new URL of www.graysoncountyarc.org. He plans on demonstrating the website at the March club meeting on the 16th and then plans to make it live on the internet after the demo. The URL is pretty much the same, except it will be changed from .com to .org. Also under old business for the evening, the discussion continued about moving the meeting from Friday to an alternate night. A research committee of 5 members was formed after a unanimous vote from the members to look further into the possibility of changing the club meeting date, moving it from a Friday to another day, possibly Tuesday. The committee will report their findings at the next meeting.
   A unanimous vote was also taken to have two people qualified each month to sign checks for the club when needed, that being the acting Treasurer and myself as President.
   Also, it is essential that whoever is interested in what’s happening with the new website, that they attend the next meeting on March 16. As your President, I profess that it is mandatory for you to attend if you desire to learn the ins and outs of our new website. Not all of the features will be turned on and available the first day, but consider the website as ‘a work in progress’. With only two months into the new year, I feel that we are getting started to experience an awesome year for the club. I am looking forward to seeing everyone that attended this month and others interested in our club activities to show up for next month’s meeting. Also, I have a question that I would like to ask the membership at the next meeting, so if you wonder what it may be, then I expect that you will be there to find out.
   There are a few more things to mention here. I hope that anyone who hasn’t paid their yearly dues for membership, show up at the meeting and pay up. Annual dues are due on January 1. Also, remember to bring in your filled out order forms for GCARC clothing apparel you want to purchase. If you do not have a way but still interested in acquiring items, then use the order form that is supplied in the newsletter this month.


Trevor Reed GCARC President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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